Installing on Windows
Download and install the ASP.NET Core Runtime 8.0.5.
There are several download available, but you are looking for the Hosting Bundle for windows at:
Download and install on your server.
Hosting Bundle for Windows.png

Create user
It is advisable to create a user for the wiki site to run under. This can be a local user or an active directory user. Here we will use a local account called mytightwiki_com.
Create Windows User.png

Create directory
Create a directory to house the TightWiki website files. Here we will use C:\inetpub\MyTightWiki
Create Directory.png

Extract files
Download the latest version of and extract it to the new directory we just created Here we are using 7-zip to extract to C:\inetpub\MyTightWiki.
The directory C:\inetpub\MyTightWiki should now contain two additional directories which were extracted from the zip file: Site and Data. The Site directory contains the website files while the Data directory contains the SQLite database files.
Extract TightWiki.png

Assign permissions
Ensure that the account you created (mytightwiki_com) has read access to Site and read and write access to Data.

Create IIS site
Open Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager and add a new site.
IIS Add Site.png

Configure the IIS site
Once you have clicked Add website on the previous step, it is time to configure the site. Here we will call the site MyTightWiki and select the directory where we previouly extracted the files (C:\inetpub\MyTightWiki).
Configure IIS Site.png

Configure the site user
IIS will access your server using the user which we enter here on the Add website dialog. Here you will enter the username and password that we created on step 2 that we called mytightwiki_com.
IIS Site User.png

Configure database location
You should not have to modify this, but the location of the SQLite database files is located in the Site\appsettings.json file.
Database Config.png

Installing on Linux
Fully supported but instructions comming soon.