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The Code scope function allow you to place code in the page to have it preserved verbatim as well as syntax highlighted.
Code blocks are inserted by inserting three opening curly brackets which denote the scope of the panel, then the parameters that define the type of panel within parenthesis (much like the parameters to a function call) and in this case the parameter would be Code. Next would be the content of the code which is terminated with three closing curly brackets.
While the language is auto-detected, you can also explicitly define the language by passing the language parameter with one of the following languages.

Code(string {language})


Auto-detecting language
Employees as E
INNER JOIN Company as C
ON C.Id = E.CompanyId

Explicitly defined language
You can explicitly define the language by passing a code name identifier.
void Calc(int a, int b)
int value = a * b;

return value

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